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            Lord, don’t hold back your tender mercies from me.

            My only hope is in your unfailing love and faithfulness. Psalm 40:11 (NLT)

             March 5th my friend and I were singing “Great is thy Faithfulness” from my hospital bed. The nurses would pop in wondering it was after 11pm and had been a long day.

             Earlier that day I had gone to the E.R. I was not feeling well and I was pretty sure I knew why. The doctors confirmed my thoughts, I had diabetes.  What I did not expect was to be kept in over night.

 These questions kept haunting me. Why now? Why me?  But then the question “Why not me?” would echo back. The God who controls the world was still in control and still faithful. 

It took weeks to get things under control and many trips to the doctor and diabetic clinic but I am feeling better. Great is His faithfulness.

        For your unfailing love is higher than the heavens.

            Your faithfulness reaches to the clouds.   Psalm 108:4 (NLT)