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Dear Mom

It’s been a year since you graduated to heaven. We miss you so much. It has been an incredibly hard year. Life is so different without you.

Terry came the day you left. He was a great help to Dad, getting him through that first week. Michelle and all your grandchildren came on Friday. Dan’s family came home from the U.S.A.  Saturday we had your Celebration of Life at the church. Many of your friends came from all over. It was a great service and you would have been shocked that your four children spoke at the service, even Sharon and Danny.

Dad misses you so much. Sharon and I are keeping him fed and teaching him how to cook. Ginger misses you also. She chewed up your eyeglasses!  

I’m struggling. It has been hard to not talk with you, see you, and be with you. There has been nothing easy about this year. In February the world was in a pandemic. That’s a virus that makes people very sick. By mid-March everything was closed. Schools, stores, and churches were closed, but we could watch the service online. People had to work from home. The Canada-US border has been closed. People had to self-isolate for weeks and life was pretty depressing. At times I was wishing I could be with you. God took you at the right time because this would have been very stressful for you. We have to wear a face mask when we go into stores or anywhere else in public. You would be impressed that I have masks to match my clothes.

Danny and Grace were able to open the new bakery location in May and it’s thriving. It’s actually doing better than the old location. It’s so busy that Danny is working there 80 hours a week! The people just keep coming. The lunch items are a big hit. We go there Sunday mornings to watch church online, as it’s safer for Dad. We’re there as a family and Danny cooks lunch. It has become a special time that we all look forward to.

The first Sunday in August, Ian and Sharon woke up to a big fire on their property, and the beautiful barn that Ian built was gone in a matter of minutes. They lost everything accept the house. It was very devastating. The fire marshal doesn’t know what started it.

In September Sharon became a grandmother and you a great grandmother. Kristal had a healthy and happy baby boy, but her delivery was far from easy.  She’s a great mother and takes Joey to see Great Grandpa often. Ainsley started university in September, but it’s all online. So, she’s at home. That would make you happy, to still have her here.

Life is so different now. I feel very alone without you. Your passing left a big hole in my heart. When we were at the funeral home saying our goodbyes to you, Dad told me that you needed me as much as I needed you. Thank you for being the best mom, encourager, coach, cheerleader, and friend I could ever have had. I love you and miss you. Mom, I’m so glad you gave your life to Jesus as a teen. I know I will see you again.

18 The LORD is near to the broken hearted and saves the crushed in spirit.   Psalms 34:18 (ESV)

Mom & I in Hawaii 2011

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  1. Nancy Brock said:

    Wow, that’s beautiful, Deb. You have expressed your heart and great that you could do that. Good for you.

    Love, Nancy

  2. Ueberschaaer said:

    What a beautiful ‘letter’ to your mom, Deb. Thanks for sharing your honest feelings. So thankful to have a loving, comforting Saviour. Psalm 46:1 He is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in times of trouble. I know this to be true. I love that Danny & Grace have a bakery, it reminds me of your Mom’s tea room in Lambeth and seeing her preparing the big batches of soup at your house on Sunday nights in preparation for Monday lunch rush. Love you and hope to see you next summer. Karen

  3. Lucie Simpson said:

    Debbie, what a pleasure to read your story. A story filled with strong emotions, lovely memories and a message of hope.
    Praying for you and your family today!
    I miss my time with your mom. Her and I had so much fun and laughters during our many outings. Hugs.

  4. Deb thank you for sharing your heart. You are loved ❤️

  5. Truly beautiful Deb. You and your precious Mom are a shining example of God’s amazing grace in your lives. Yes this has been a difficult year but we must lean hard on Jesus and know that He is in charge and will lead us each day. Stay safe and thanks for sharing your thoughts. Love to your Dad. We had hoped to come up this past summer but of course we were prevented. Trust 2021 will allow some visiting. Thankful you have family and dear friends near by. Blessings, John and Beryle Campbell

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