Living life beyond Cerebral Palsy for God's glory.


Courageous. Humorous. Inspiring. A gifted speaker, world record holder, and two-time Paralympian, Debbie was born with Cerebral Palsy. Doctors said she would not walk, speak, or graduate. But God had other plans.

When Debbie speaks to groups around the country she challenges her audience on overcoming obstacles and brings her service dog to demonstrate how he helps. She spent time with Youth for Christ’s “The Ultimate Challenge,” speaking to high school students. She has been the keynote speaker at banquets, graduations, churches, detention centers, retreats and school assemblies.

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    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  Phil. 4:13

When given the opportunity, Debbie loves to tell others of all God has given her and speaks of his love and faithfulness. She has published articles in the books Heal Our Land and Everyday Grace, Everyday Miracles and the magazine Faith and Friends. She has recently published her memoir, Living Beyond My Circumstances.

Debbie lives with her service dog. Her dog was trained to help her with daily chores that make Deb’s day a little easier; he also makes sure Deb plays a little throughout her day! She has family and staff to help with things her dog cannot do like cooking & driving!

In her spare time, she likes to read, knit, bike and work on her computer. Her ten nieces and nephews love to visit and play with her dog after they get gummy bears from Aunt Debbie’s kitchen!

You can contact Deb at for more information.

After speaking I love to meet people and sign their book.

After speaking I love to meet people and sign their book.

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