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 Chapter One

Go for the Gold

“See what my daughter won?”

The patrons looked up from their Big Macs and McNuggets to see what all the fuss was about. We were in New York and earlier that day I’d set a world record swimming the 25m freestyle. My dad was grinning from ear to ear. And while my cheeks were burning, I was too. Even the cashier got in on the fun.

“Would it be OK if I took the medal to the kitchen so the rest of the staff can see it?”

“Sure,” I said.

When I’d graduated high school, I prayed, “God, please don’t let me lead a boring life.” Was I in for an amazing adventure!

I participated in sports such as floor hockey in school, but didn’t know I was on the road to becoming a Paralympic gold medalist. On June 1, 1984, I could hardly sit still. My transportation was arranged. My bags were packed. And my swimming gear was stowed, everything including extra towels for me to sit on so I wouldn’t slide out of my wheelchair when I was wet. Family and friends stopped by to wish me well.

The excitement was too much. Come 6:00 a.m., I was still wide awake wondering what the next month would be like. In the morning I left for a week of training at the Windsor University in preparation for the Games.

What others are saying:

Deb, just want you to know how blessed my daughter and I were to read your book. My daughter is turning 15 this Sunday and has CP. We attended a church with Nat and Hanna. They gave it to us to read and get encouragement from. Once we started reading it, my daughter didn’t want me to stop, unusual for her. Thank you for your example as a Christian and how your faith and family helped you overcome the challenges of CP.  Todd

Deb, I started to read your book this morning—and couldn’t put it down ‘til I was done! It’s so beautifully written and reveals your strength, faith, great outlook on life, and—most of all—your delightful sense of humour!    Jim

Hi Deb,

I have purchased your wonderful book and read it nonstop; it is soooo good. Now I am lending it to my close friends to help inspire them.

Hugs . . . Jac

Hey Deb,

I’m a BAAAD person!  I lied to you, but not on purpose!  I told you that it might take a bit to read the book, but I’m finished 🙂 & Loved it very much.  I didn’t really put it down after I started.      Brian

I hope you will read my book, feel free to email me I would love to hear from you.

Signing my book at the book launch in London.

Signing my book at the book launch in London.


Available now at:

MBC Bookstore in Huntsville, Ontario.

At any Chapters & Indigo in Canada.

Gospel Lighthouse in St. Thomas, Ontario.

Also available online at:

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Comments on: "Book & Contact" (2)

  1. Lori-Ann Keddy said:

    I would love at least 6 copies of your book Deb for Christmas ! Plus my copy signed by you Deb! I am so excited to read the book! I am proud to call you my best friend and adopted big sister! Your amazing Deb Willows ! love ya Lori-Ann Keddy

  2. We still have the banner hanging on the wall which you brought us from Seoul. It is fading a little bit(a lot like the Boons) but the letters are still as clear as ever.
    Hurrah. Deborah (!)
    Betty,Graham and the rest of the Boons.

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