Living life beyond Cerebral Palsy for God's glory.


“As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear Him.”    Psalm 103:13


When I was 10 years old my dad wrote this in my autograph book:


Big brown eyes, brown hair too,

Has her lows, lost her shoe,

Has her highs, face just glows,

. . . that’s my Debbie.

Love,   Daddy


Dad was strong in his faith, always putting God first in his life and teaching us to do the same. He always read a Bible story to us at the dinner table despite the many distractions. The phone often rang during devotions. Dad would take it off the hook and stuff it in the towel drawer. He was faithful in his own daily reading of God’s Word.


When I was young, before I received a wheelchair, he carried me everywhere. He was always trying to make my life a little easier. His hands were always big, strong, and rough, and he always smelled of wood. From as far back as I can remember, my dad loved to work with wood—and he could make anything. Because I could not use my hands, I fed myself by bending down and getting the food off my plate with my mouth. One day Dad made me a toast holder out of wood. Another time he made an ice cream cone holder. Sunday evenings were fun. After church he would make milkshakes or ice cream sundaes for all of us. It was the only thing he could make that was not wooden.


Dad always loved me the way I was. He never expected less from me and always encouraged me to be the best I could be. He loved to help me do things that were not expected or accessible. One time at Disney World in Florida, he was so excited that I was able to go on a ride that had been inaccessible the last time we went that he ran with me in my wheelchair towards a moving ramp. My foot plates hit the ramp and I was catapulted out of my chair and onto the moving ramp. I heard a lady yell, “I think she’s dead.” I was still alive and not hurt. The thing I was most upset about was the rip in my shirt.


I am so blessed to have a daddy who was handpicked for me by God. Thank you, Dad, for living for the Lord, for being real, and for showing us how to live for God. Someday in heaven I will dance first with my Lord Jesus, then with my Daddy.



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  1. Barb Talbot said:

    👄My darling Debbie..
    “Daddy was the most loving and thoughtful. piece of work i have read in a long time.
    You have just got to put that on FB so others can read it..

    Every word you said …… is so true of your father… His kind gentle spirit is just like Jesus…. you couldn;t have a better father anywhere…. and truly God hand picked him…. you are a gifted writer Debbie. i haven’t gotte a chance to congratulate you… My computer is having hiss y fits a lot of the time and i don’t even know whether people actually get what i send:)
    This morning, I thought i would check my mail before we were going out for breakfast to Mac D to meet some friends It wold not even open. i have been leaving it on all the time afraid to turn it off…:):) but last night I shut the whole thing down.. but this morning nothing would light up at all…I tried my usual repeating several times.. i thought, “Well it has finally bit the dust” left for breaky…got to MacD and . a young man was sitting outside on the step with his placard in his hand Pleases give me some food… I more often than not give some money or food vouchers… however I have seen but ,not… the same guy in different spots because i recognize them.. BUT I got a GOD nudge this time//// 🙂 I bought him a coffee and two great cookies…..Telling him why and what I was doing. sharing about Jesus….. he had been raised in a Catholic high school and knew about Jesus dying for the world but didn’t realize it was for him personally…. he came and how to repent and ask Jesus to come into his life to give direction. .I also offered some ideas some places to go for food and help….. did some shopping thought i would check my computer AGAIN when i CAME home and you just KNOW THE REST OF THE STORY… IT STARTED WITH ONE BUTTON TAP… TRULY A GOD THING….MAYBE GOD JUST WANTED ME TO BE WILLING…. ha ha
    Now, Debbie because of this wonderful award when do you start your circuit of showing your book???? Kidding or is that in mix?
    girlfriend…..i’m thinking when i went to chapters indigo… in north London and they said “W..e……l…l We can’t do anything with out head office knows about it….. I challenged the man but now… look they will be carrying it……We are so happy for you Debbie…. you are an inspiration… to all who know you
    you are loved beyond measure….
    Looking forward to having a gab session when we come to the cottage..
    don’t forget to post this… but maybe it is so personal for you it is a masterpiece Deb
    love ya to bits…..
    Hugs galore.Barb
    praying for you darling…..xx

    Date: Sat, 20 Jun 2015 18:42:41 +0000

  2. Heather Gowing said:

    So priceless!!

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